Academic sculptor

I am an academic sculptor working primarely with clay, though I like to experiment with other materials as well. I would consider my work as a journey of an endless discovery. I try to release all the posibilites of different materials by shaping them into impredictible forms. The field of my expertise extends from ceramics, sculpture, wall painting, theater to animation.



Have you ever asked yourself how a certain sculpture or a ceramic piece was made? Would you like to have a look behind the scenes? In my blog posts I’ll try to expose variety of different materials and various ways of using it to create beautiful forms. My posts are meant for all the art and crafts lovers, who would like to gather more insights about my working process. My aim is to reveal everything:  from forming an idea, through sketches to actualization and all the fun stuff in between. I’ll try to paint a picture (in metaphor, since I am a sculptor) of what lies behind a work of art. Joking aside, there will also be some painting there since I use painting and ceramic techniques in sculpture and vice versa.

I will be glad to read and answer any comments you might have.